Monday, April 19, 2010


Well, just had the latest test results back from new wholistic doctor and discovered that while my thyroid isn't too bad (for once) my iron levels are very low, particularly my iron saturation levels. So, have started on Hemagenics Intensive care iron and vitamin B supplement (among other supplements including liquid zinc which tastes absolutely foul) prescribed by the doctor and almost immediately have started to feel less tired and more human. Wonders will never cease.

I think that perhaps the 20 or so blood tests I had last year may have contributed to my iron deficiency and may not have contributed a great deal in terms of knowledge as to what was actually wrong. As a result, I have also decided not to see two of the doctors I have been seeing - kind of doctor sacking by stealth I guess ...

So, perhaps blog posts will increase in the next little while. I certainly feel more able to manage things and hopefully will have more time in which I actually feel like doing more of the things I want to like my ABA Counsellor Training, writing my blog, reading, cooking, gardening and sewing. For the past little while life has mostly been about doing what is most important and what I can which has been looking after Chet and going to work and doing the stuff required to keep a house reasonably clean and it's occupants reasonably well fed. Can't say I have been doing a bang-up job, but passable I guess. So, here's to things looking up I say!


  1. You poor thing! I was diagnosed with iron deficient anaemia late last year, and I couldn't believe how crap I felt. I've been on (chelated) iron tablets since then, and am back to normal, but stressing that I should be giving blood, and worried about being anaemic again.

    Anyway, I hope we can catch up soon - Chet must be so big!

  2. Yeah the whole lack of iron thing really takes it out of you. Now I am worrying as to whether it has affected Chat but am not sure I can put him through the pain of a blood test just because I am not sure. There is always something to worry about isn't there?

    I will definitely be at the ABA Branch Conference, otherwise I am sure we will catch up at a sling meet or ABA thingo.


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