Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Push me pull you

Chet has becoming very pushy lately. And I don't mean that he has become a stage parent ... He has developed a habit of pushing other kids, generally girls, and generally children that are smaller than him. We went to a third birthday party the other day and he pushed over a little girl and made her cry and hit the birthday boy over the head with a plastic plate. Admittedly the plate was purple, which is the favourite colour of both boys but still. Almost every time I take him to the park he goes to push a child and would do it unless I intervene. The other day he pushed over a girl from my mother's group, who he has known since he was about 6 weeks old.

I have to say that I am finding this new development quite confronting. I don't want him to hurt other children, and I also don't want to upset other parents. I don't feel that making him apologise to the other children is really going to change anything - I don't think he quite understands what that means and as a child I always hated being forced to apologise. So, I am left sheepishly apologising myself to the parent of the child concerned and trying to distract Chet by suggesting we go and look at the work going on at the train tracks. Fortunately the extension of the light rail that is happening at the train tracks at the bottom of the park is endlessly interesting to a small boy and there is almost always a digger or some men in flurou vests wandering about. I hope that the pushing stage ends before the track work does.


  1. Fainjin has been pushing lately, too. We've been trying to counter it, and daycare have let us know they are working on it as well. The teacher reassured us - sometimes when boys are around this age, she said, they *literally* start to push the boundaries :-)
    It's our job to remind them the boundaries are still there and haven't moved.
    Lots of luck.

  2. Loving your blog. Just had a chance to go through it. Hmmm. Short and to the point and tells the story well. I can relate, on so many levels, to so much of what you say.

  3. Thanks Rosemary - I just write a bit when I have a moment or I feel I have something to say. I am enjoying blogging, just feel sometimes that I need to blog more often to keep the momentum going.


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