Monday, September 7, 2009

Just a minute - August

Been a bit slack with the blogging of late - no excuse really when I consider how often some blogs are updated. Still, we were away for nearly two weeks in August and I go back to work in a month and I think I have been panicking a bit about that. And I had a cold all last week so doing anything aside from that basics was a bit difficult. Anyway, just a minute for August:

Travelling... to Tasmania and Melbourne - we got to Hobart, Port Arthur, Swansea, Launceston and experienced truly horrendous wind in Melbourne - telegraph pole flattening wind ... we enjoyed being away but we were all pretty pleased to be home as well.

Watching... Chet crawl around the coffee table laughing with excitement. He is just so pleased to be on the move. While we were away his crawling really developed from the commando style he favoured to the more traditional hands and knees crawl. The change seemed to happen almost overnight.

Reading... Holding the Man, Buddhism for Mothers, Lonely Planet Tasmania, Naked Motherhood: Shattering Illusions and Sharing Truths.

Thinking... about returning to work, the past year, the next year.

Eating... a fab lunch at Rockpool Bar and Grill with the K-man, sans Chet. A very pleasant Friday afternoon drinking wine, eating well and relaxing in style.

Buying... fabric, baby clothes from charity shops, 1st birthday presents.

Wanna play? Head on over to August Street.


  1. That was some crazy weather! I'm surprised we have any trees left standing where we are.

    Oh Tassie - I'd love to go back there (but maybe in Summer :)

    Hey best wishes for returning to work. After such a time it would feel like a massive change ... but it may surprise you when you get there. Might not be worth the panic.

  2. Yeah I love Melbourne but that crazy weather really had me yearning for Sydney. Something to do with the cold, the wind and a baby. And Tassie was beautiful - I would definitely go back and would have to say we had better weather there than Melbourne.

    Thanks for your returning to work wishes - I am sure it will be fine, just feels weird after a bit over a year of not 'working'. It also feels weird putting Chet in childcare although I am sure that will be fine also. And it is only 2 days a week after all.

    And, extra special thanks for reading and commenting - first comment on my blog from someone I don't know. I am excited!


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