Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am not sure what is going on but there have been a few choking incidents round here. Yesterday I took Chet to a local music playgroup at the Salvation Army. I know, what was I thinking? I don't do religion and I also don't really do organised activities. But, I thought Chet might enjoy it and I had heard positive things about it so I thought we would give it a go. It seems that yesterday was particularly crowded due to an abundance of birthdays - if your child goes during their birthday week they get a cup cake and a present. So, even though I am not really big with crowds we stayed put. The songs were ok, aside from the religious ones, although they were led by a slightly earnest woman with a strained smile and a Madonna style microphone on her head. I can't saw I was that excited by her delivery, or by the anti-abortion leaflets scattered about the place. However, Chet seemed to enjoy himself at the beginning - I don't think he had seen so many kids in one place before - I am not sure I had either. He participated in some of the songs, stood up and shrieked and waved his arms around at appropriate moments and continued practising his raspberry noises. He was a little overwhelmed by the end of the music so we ended up sitting at the back of the room so he could calm down a little bit. After the music, there was a table of food for the kiddies so I propelled myself into the shit fight to get Chet some fruit which he then proceeded to choke on. It was my fault, the piece of rockmelon was too big - I should have cut it in half for him. He went bright red, couldn't breathe, I had to turn him upside down and hit him on the back and he coughed and vomited up the rockmelon all over me. I was sitting near some people who saw all this happen and didn't come to my aid which upset me a little bit. Chet cried afterwards but seemed to recover ok.

And then, this morning, who should be choking on the rest of her breakfast but the Minx. She was crouched in the kitchen making an awful retching noise. The retching noise seemed to clear whatever it was that was blocking her windpipe and she drank some water and retired to the couch.

I shouldn't really be surprised by all this choking - I constantly choke myself. In my first year at college I think I choked on my food almost every day, although that may say more about the quality of the food than my ability to eat successfully. I have choked on water, on air, on food, on nothing. I don't know what it is, I think I just forget what I am doing or something and suddenly I am gasping and I can't breathe. When I was pregnant I coughed so much after choking on some water that my nose bled. Now, that's a skill. I have a similar problem with walking sometimes, I will be merrily walking down the street and then suddenly I am on the ground having tripped over my own feet or the footpath or a leaf. I hope Chet doesn't choke too much, it really is quite upsetting seeing your baby go red in the face like that. And, I hope he doesn't inherit my lack of ability to walk down the street (a trait inherited from my father) ... time will tell I guess.


  1. Difficulty with walking and breathing is some genetic heritage you've passed on there...

    But horrible to hear that choking story. And don't ever go back to that bad-vibes class. Sometimes people amaze me - imagine not trying to help or comfort another mum in that situation. Think they are some mean-assed mummies. And that's not even getting into their anti-abortion oplitics.

    Hope the minx and the chetman are feeling better today.

  2. Thanks Rach. My dad fell off the bed a few years ago and split his ear lobe on the bedside table and my mother had to take him off to the Dr for stitches - we are a clumsy, accident prone family. Fortunately the K-man isn't so accident prone so hopefully Chet will take after him in that regard. And yes, all are feeling better today. No more Salvos Music group for us!

  3. I was extremely amused by the choking and walking difficulties - they just both seem so bizarre, yet I relate completely. I know a little chap, just nine months old, who pretends to cough, and when noone takes any notice, he holds his breath and goes red and looks as if he has stopped breathing. His dad knows it's a ploy, but for the rest of us, its seriously scary!


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